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Why Acumen Data?

  • There are no companies that do the same thing we do. Please read on.

  • We offer total solutions. Not merely parts of a solution. Our CAAPS, for example, not only automates your entire accounts payable workflow, it applies your unique business rules to every invoice. The financial solutions on the market simply can’t do that.

  • Before we recommend any solution, we conduct an in-depth study of your organisation to truly understand your needs. At no cost to you and with no obligation to proceed.

  • When we create a solution for you, we’ll create one that actually meets your needs – not one that’s close to meeting your needs. Owning the software makes that possible. Please see below.

  • All of our solutions are based on software we develop. Since it’s our intellectual property and we own the source codes, we can customise it to fit your needs without having to ask anyone’s permission or passing along licensing fees.

  • Our solutions are based on research we conducted with over 800 organisations around the world. And over fifteen years of experience.

  • While we don’t offer second-hand solutions our experience in working with a variety of organisations means we’ve likely seen a situation similar to yours before. In that case, we can often offer you a solution that fits your needs perfectly with a minimum of customisation. Which results in significant savings for you. Be assured, though, that what we recommend will meet your needs exactly – not merely come close.

  • Our solutions are hosted solutions. Which frees up your servers and your IT department for other tasks. And gives you unlimited back-up capabilities in the cloud.

  • All Acumen Data Solutions can be easily linked with your existing systems. Which means you don’t have to get rid of those systems.

  • We’ll not only help train your staff, we’ll help you manage the impact of change within your organisation. We’ve plenty of experience doing precisely that.

  • Acumen Data Solutions are solving business problems in more than 19 countries. Most likely including yours.