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About Acumen Data

We’re the brand-new company you’ve known for more than fifteen years.

Except that you’ve known us as Practical Programs, a division of Scan Conversion Services.

As Practical Programs, we developed the Dv range of document management software solutions currently in use worldwide and pioneered in creating smart information solutions for SCS clients.

Now, we’re Acumen Data. 

A company dedicated to providing businesses with even smarter solutions. Solutions that transform time-consuming and labour-intensive manual processes into processes that are completely automated.

Which we’re doing right now for companies in nineteen countries.

Thanks to our experience in working with businesses around the world, we’ve developed solid methodology to determine a company’s exact needs and then to provide the most appropriate and most cost-effective solution.

And since Acumen Data Solutions are centrally hosted our clients don’t have to invest in new software, new hardware or new personnel.

If our company sounds like one your company should get to know better, there’s only one thing you need remember…

Our name.