Smarter Solutions

Our solutions apply automation to a range of business problems. Which helps solve those problems straight away.

We have smarter solutions for ...

Accounts Payable

Our CAAPS can completely automate your AP department which will not only make it more productive, it can save you from costly mistakes as well as from outright fraud... read more >


Accounts Receivable

Our CAARS solves the problem of receipting payments when presented with inadequate remittance advice by completely automating your Accounts Receivable Department... read more >


Proof of Delivery

If you can't prove the shipment was delivered, you probably won't get paid. Our Proof of Delivery Solution can fix that problem before it happens... read more >


Mail Processing

Our Mail Processing Solution enables your company to receive the post, scan the documents, index the mail and apply your business rules to determine the best recipient. Your mail problem
is solved... read more >


Hosted Solutions

Even before everybody started talking about "the cloud," we were helping our clients take their most important functions and most sensitive data offsite... read more >


Business Process

At Acumen Data, our greatest strength is the ability to take unstructured information, identify it and optimise its processing in your business... read more >

To find out how our smarter solutions could be the smartest thing you could do for your business, we invite you to read on.