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It's quite simple, really.

If you can't prove the goods you shipped were actually delivered, you probably won't get paid for them.

We can solve that problem before it happens with our Proof of Delivery Solution.

Our solution uses proprietary software to extract daily reports of deliveries from your shipping system. It then collects proofs of delivery that have been returned ... reconciles the two ... and generates a report.

Which means if the shipment wasn't delivered, you'll know straight away. And the sooner you know a shipment is missing, the better the chances of locating it.

Proof for your customers

As part of the solution, we'll create a dedicated portal for your customers so they can see proof of their deliveries online and, if they like, print or email them.

This customer portal captures both scanned proofs of delivery and images from sign-on-glass. And access to the portal is controlled so the customer sees only proofs of delivery pertaining to his or her company. The portal can be extended so your own staff can see proof of delivery for themselves. Instead of having to manually retrieve them from the files.

The proof of delivery solution that delivers

With Acumen Data's Proof of Delivery Solution ...

  • Productivity gets a big boost as staff no longer need spend hours filing, searching, copying, emailing and all the rest. Customers can find their proof easily online without having to involve you or your staff.
  • As productivity is enhanced so is your company's profitability.
  • You can track goods from dispatch to delivery, minimising shrinkage, loss and inaccuracies in deliveries.
  • Customer satisfaction increases and so does customer loyalty.
  • Acumen Data's Proof of Delivery Solution can be hosted remotely. Which means no big expenditures for new hardware or software.
  • Our solution seamlessly works with your existing platform.
  • Acumen Data's Proof of Delivery Solution is surprisingly affordable. Especially when compared to not getting paid for goods you've shipped.

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