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Not that you need us to tell you.

But your company's mail room is not a profit centre.

Distributing mail adds absolutely no value to the organisation. Just cost.

Worse, there's no way of knowing if the person who was sent a message ... a memo, say ... actually received it.

In a business, mail is an unstructured and unmonitored attempt to pass along information. A poor attempt, at best.

But we can fix all that. With this.

The Acumen Data Mail Processing Solution

Our Mail Processing Solution solves the age-old mail problem with automation. Our solution enables your company to receive the post, scan the documents, index the mail and apply your business rules to determine the best recipient.

Then the solution's built-in Workflow Engine routes the mail to the recipient's inbox and reminds they they've got mail.

The Acumen Data Solution allows you to receive reports on who has not read or actioned the mail. Which means mail can't be lost or ignored.

It can be secured, however, so it can only be viewed or actioned by the recipient or by designated staff. An audit trail allows you to monitor access.

Our Solution indexes the content of all documents so you can create a hub of knowledge.

There's much more that can be done with the solution: Link mail to external programs for easy retrieval ... re- assign mail as personnel change .... even create electronic deposit slips to save trips to the bank.

Like all Acumen Data Solutions, our Mail Processing one is remotely hosted. Which means your servers won't get clogged with emails.

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