Today, information doesn't flow. It comes in a flood.

At Acumen Data, we're all about smart information management solutions. Solutions that let businesses like yours convert manual processes into automated processes.

And by manual processes, we mean those time-consuming,mind-numbing, morale-destroying, resource-wasting tasks that your staff now do by hand.  We'll help you automate those tasks.

Which will make your company much more efficient and far more profitable.

While permitting your staff to spend their time on work that actually contributes to your bottom line.

Our solutions can automate your accounts payable and accounts receivable departments ... track proofs of delivery... handle your email ... and free up your servers and your staff.

These solutions are in use by mid-size companies to mega-corporations in nineteen countries. Where they're solving a host of organisational problems.



If we can do all this, maybe you're wondering why you've never heard of us before. It's because Acumen Data is the new name for a company you've known for fifteen years.

No worries. We've created a new website to help you remember.

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