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What our Clients are saying...

“Quality was far superior to other service providers. They explained everything and provided plenty of information; they kept us up to date on the progress and were lovely to deal with.”

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Even before everybody started talking about "the cloud," we were helping our clients take their most important functions and most sensitive data offsite.

Why would anybody want their key data on somebody else's servers instead of their own?

Plenty of good reasons. When a solution is hosted remotely, it isn't taking up memory or draining processing power function from your servers.

A hosted solution means you don't have to be continually investing in new hardware and software. Or constantly expanding your IT staff.

And with the cloud, there's a near-infinite amount of storage space. As well as all the power you could need to run your solutions.

Safety and security

But best of all your data is safe and secure. The host server on which your data resides is mirrored by another server at the same location. If the main server should fail, the backup server becomes active. If the host site becomes somehow unusable, a disaster recovery server at another location kicks in. All server sites have generators for backup power in case of a power loss.

What's more, the host server is backed up daily and the data is physically taken to a secure location. Which creates a dual backup of data and images.

Connection to the hosted site is via Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) which is the highest level of security. And our Dv Security System, used by defence organisations worldwide, adds another layer of protection.

We could tell you more about the precautions we take to ensure the safety of data on our servers. But security considerations prevent us from doing so.

Suffice it to say, many of Australia's leading companies, government agencies and organisations have entrusted their critical data and most important processes to us and our hosting capabilities.

So it should come as no surprise to learn that all of our solutions are designed to be hosted.

The software story

Our Cloud Solution servers are powered by our own world-class Dv software. It allows your company to authorise an unlimited number of users to access the solution.

The software includes

  • Profile Security to limit access types to specified users.
  • Our Workflow Engine
  • Content Indexing
  • API for integration with other applications
  • SSL Security Access

Our cloud servers are, in turn, backed up by Amazon's vast array through a partnership arrangement.

And with our hosted solutions, your logo is the one users see on the screen. Not ours.

If you'd like to learn more about how our hosted solutions make your data safer and more secure while freeing up your servers, please let us know >

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