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At Acumen Data, our greatest strength is the ability to take unstructured information, identify it and optimise its processing in your business.

In other words, no matter how the information arrives and in what form, our solutions will make sure it gets to the right person and see that your business rules are applied to its disposition.

Take emails, for example. Today, it's estimated that seventy percent of all business correspondence travels via email.

The problem with that is that email is completely unstructured. Gone are the days when people completed nice, structured forms for you. Now you have to extract the information from email. And no two follow the same format.

Add to that little problem the fact that with today's technology customers expect instant answers and immediate results.

And if those don't come fast enough, then you run the risk of a negative Customer Experience. A series of those can kill your business.

To provide an exceptional customer experience, the information (in the email) must go to the right person in a minimum of time. You can't afford a delay.

When the right person receives this information, he or she must immediately understand the requirement and have all the information at hand for immediate processing.

More than mere humans can possibly do, you might say.

You'd be right. That's why there's automation.

Our advanced data capture and business rules engines allow for the instant analysis of complex and unstructured data.

We can help you provide that exceptional customer experience while making your entire operation more efficient.

We'd be delighted to show you how > After all, that's what we do.