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Ever wondered what it would be like to travel back in time?

Then drop by your accounts payable department. There you'll most likely find staff doing their work much the same way it was done in 1950.

Opening envelopes ... typing ... copying ... filing ... chasing people to get invoices approved... making sure the right invoice goes to the right person ... that sort of thing.

Not very efficient, is it?  Wait, it gets worse.

Not only is your accounts payable department a drag on your company's productivity, the old "do-it manually" approach is an open invitation to costly mistakes and outright fraud. Not to mention the very real possibility of your business running afoul of compliance requirements.

Fortunately, we've got a solution to all that.

Introducing CAAPS

That stands for Complete Automated Accounts Payable Solution. And, as the name suggests, it will completely automate your accounts payable process.

Note that we say CAAPS is the "complete" automated accounts payable solution. We mean every word. For unlike some financial software solutions with their primitive level of automation, CAAPS does away with manual processing completely.

Which means that for the first time not only can invoices be processed efficiently and quickly, large quantities of data from and about them can be easily accessed. Without the expense and potential for error associated with manual data entry.

And that's not all. CAAPS automatically applies your company's business rules to route invoices to the right people and identifies those invoices that require special attention.

The result? Staff deals only with those exceptions rather than with every single invoice.

And that means invoice processing is reduced from days to hours.

Reason enough? But wait there's more ... more reasons to consider CAAPS, that is.

  • CAAPS offers full reporting capabilities with far greater transparency and monitoring of financial and other performance criteria.
  • CAAPS lets you see your financial commitment in real time.
  • CAAPS is an AP process that can be fully audited. And since its auditing processes are streamlined, they're less expensive.
  • CAAPS provides greater security and vastly reduced potential for fraud with access control and full audit trail reporting.
  • With CAAPS, suppliers get paid on time and with less trouble. Relationships improve.
  • Compliance with use of purchase orders increases with CAAPS.
  • CAAPS means approvers gain secure access to invoices at a click.
  • Staff morale and productivity soar, absenteeism declines and retention ceases to be a problem as mundane, repetitive are eliminated thanks to CAAPS.

By the numbers

  • Two thirds. Amount of time staff wastes processing information that requires no further action.
  • 60%. Percentage of invoices that contain no errors and requires no special handling. Yet staff spend its time checking all incoming invoices – including these.
  • 76%. Decreasein invoicing costs with automation.
  • 500%. Increase in number of invoices processed each month per staff. From 503 to 2492. Source: The Accounts Payable Benchmark Report 2011

CAAPS vs the competition. An unfair comparison.

Unfair because there really isn't any. No other solution comes close to CAAPS in achieving complete AP automation.

For while other automation solutions offer little more than the ability to process scanned and emailed documents, CAAPS automates your entire AP operation and applies your organisation's unique business rules to the process.

We spent fifteen years and researched over 800 businesses to make it that way.

What's more, CAAPS is a hosted solution. Which means you don't have to invest in new hardware, software or personnel.  It's fully scalable, too, so it can grow as your business does.

And CAAPS can work with the systems you now have in place. So you won't have to throw out the old to take advantage of the new.

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